The Purbeck People Quiz

In these difficult times we thought you might enjoy a diversion so why not test your knowledge of people associated with the Isle of Purbeck, past and present.

Crazy4Corfe have put together another quiz that you might enjoy.
This one comes with a prize so get your thinking caps on!
We will publish the answers on 11th May.


  1. Famous for giggles and chocolate cake this much loved Test Match Special commentator (1912-1994) is buried in Swanage Cemetery.
    Who was he?
  2. He eloped with his sweetheart but later became Lord Chancellor. Described as “the most reactionary man in England”. He built a fine church and estate in a village in Purbeck.
    Who was he?
  3. This famous children’s author owned the Isle of Purbeck Golf Club and based stories on Purbeck landmarks (“Kirrin Castle”).
    Who was she?
  4. Fort Henry in Studland Bay was visited by FIVE major WW2 figures on 18 April 1944 to see the largest live ammunition practice of the war.
    Can you name at least 4 of them?  (1 point for each name).
  5. Dunshay Manor in Harman’s Cross, now run by the Landmark Trust, was home to a well known Dorset sculptor (1913-2006)
    Who was she?
  6. Where in Swanage would you find ‘George Thomas Lacy’?
  7. One legend says these rocks are named after an infamous Poole pirate, another that the Devil rested here.
    Name the pirate.
  8. This member (1879-1961) of the Bloomsbury Group, sister of Virginia Woolf, visited Studland Bay in the 1910s. Her painting of the bay is in the Tate Collection.
    Who was she?
  9. This pirate radio and Radio One and Two DJ had a home in Swanage, a beautiful horse called Sultan, and a nickname with a food connection.
    He died in Bournemouth. Who was he?
  10. This prominent local family with a rich Dorset history had an ancestor, Dennis, who led the Roundhead cause in Dorchester but survived the Restoration.
    Name the family….
  11. He was the first President of the Supreme Court  and his title has a local name : Lord ………. of Worth Matravers.
    Who is he?
  12. This “King of the Jungle” and football player/manager/ pundit sponsored a ‘tee-off’ at The Isle of Purbeck Golf Club. Seen in a sword fight at Corfe Castle in a TV series recently.
  13. Former Patron of Purbeck Art Weeks and described as “one of the finest sculptors of the late 20 century”, his modernist sculpture adorns Poole Harbour.
    Who was he?
  14. Born as Mary Hawtry in Ruislip, she married well, lost her home but kept the keys. How is she better known?
  15. This film critic and chat show host, with a pronunciation that may make you think his surname begins with W, has a home in Swanage.
    His photograph adorns the Golden Bengal restaurant. Who is he?
  16. This singer, songwriter and actor appeared in a scene on the Swanage Railway in the film Dunkirk – described in the film as Woking but actually Harman’s Cross!
    Who is he?
  17. Bradshaw’s guide took this TV personality and former politician to the Swanage Railway and a visit around Corfe Castle on one of his great rail journeys.
    Who is he?
  18. Purbeck plumber and museum curator with an MBE for palaeontology.
    Who is he?
  19. This Wareham born former pupil of Swanage Grammar School was a Cabinet Minister. He resigned after the second of two separate tabloid stories.
    Who is he?
  20. Owner of one of CAMRA’s favourite pubs, noted for homemade pasties and cider and creator of ‘Woodhenge’.
    Who is he?
  21. 19th century Public works contractor George Burt had a fishy connection with London.
    What was it?   

End of Quiz.

One point for each question (except no.4 where there are 4 points)
Total of 24 points.

If you would like to take part, please e-mail your answers to us at by the end of Sunday 10th May. If there is more than one correct entry a winner will be chosen by a draw from those entries. The answers and the winner will be posted on the Crazy4Corfe Facebook page, in the next Corfe Valley News and here on Corfe Castle Info.

If you would like them sent to you please let us know when you submit your answers. The winner will receive a Voucher for £25, donated by the Gallery at 41, Corfe Castle, to be used in the Corfe Castle Village Stores. (It will not be possible to redeem the voucher for a cash equivalent, goods only). If you are self-isolating, please don’t worry. Delivery can be arranged.


The Crazy 4 Corfe Team

Click here to view the Answers (hidden to avoid any spoilers)

Here are the answers to the quiz included in last month’s Corfe Valley News.

  1. Brian Johnston
  2. Lord Eldon (John Scott)
  3. Enid Blyton
  4. The five were Eisenhower, Lord Mountbatten, Churchill, King George VI and Montgomery. Any four of these would do.
  5. Mary Spencer Watson
  6. In the RNLI Lifeboat Station at Swanage. It is the name of the lifeboat.
  7. Harry Paye
  8. Vanessa Bell (née Stephen)
  9. Ed Stewart (Stewpot)
  10. The Bond Family
  11. Lord Phillips of Worth Matravers
  12. Harry Redknapp
  13. Anthony Caro
  14. Lady Mary Bankes
  15. Jonathan Ross
  16. Harry Styles
  17. Michael Portillo
  18. Steve Etches
  19. David Mellor
  20. Charlie Newman
  21. Billingsgate.

Four correct entries were received and a draw was held to decide the winner.
The winner drawn was Dawn Lindsay of Corfe Castle.
Dawn wins a voucher for £25 donated by The Gallery at 41 to be spent in the Corfe Castle Village Stores. WELL DONE!

We hope everyone enjoyed the quiz!

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