The magnificent coastal feature of Studland,
with its long golden sands, rocky cliffs and breathtaking views


Studland is located between Swanage and the entrance to Poole Harbour in the southwest.

A magnificent coastal feature at Studland is The Old Harry Rocks, where the high chalk cliffs with their promontories, sea stacks and natural arches can be viewed. This great rock has faced the harsh Channel weather for centuries, and has witnessed many shipwrecks throughout its history. The old Norman Church in Studland that was built 800 years ago still stands in this pleasant village, and was appropriately dedicated to the patron saint of sailors. This stretch of cliffs is beautiful but extremely dangerous to hikers as well as to ships. Although there are walking paths along the cliffs, great care must be taken, especially during inclement weather. One must also view the Agglestone across the heath from Studland, which stands 17 feet high and weighs about 400 tons. It is not known how or why it was placed upon its mound.

The beach at Studland became the training ground for the D-Day invasion during World War II, as it closely resembles the French beach where the invasion took place. Prime Minister Winston Churchill, General Dwight D. Eisenhower, General Bernard Montgomery and Acting Admiral Louis Mountbatten watched the rehearsals from Fort Henry, built in 1943 by Canadian engineers. This was one of the largest and strongest observation posts in Britain during the Second World War, and Fort Henry is now under the care of the National Trust.

Studland is a vacationer’s paradise with much to do and to see, whether hiking, looking at war relics, or sun bathing on Studland’s popular sandy beach. Bird-watchers can sit in one of the several hides located around Little Sea Lake in the Nature Reserve. Golfers can spend the day at the nearby Isle of Purbeck Golf Course while enjoying the spectacular views of the area. Sailing and water sports are available, or perhaps you would rather just sit and enjoy a drink at the pub with views of the sea, located near the beach car park.

Where is Studland?

Studland is located in Dorset along the B3351 which can be accessed from the A351 at Corfe Castle, between Wareham and Swanage. The nearest populated areas include Swanage to the south and Poole to the north.