Corfe Valley News February 2024

The February 2024 issue of the Corfe Valley News includes a variety of news, updates, events and stories relevant to the local community. Here is a quick summary of the latest issue:-

Community and Council Updates

The Corfe Castle Parish Council is actively addressing the flooding that occurred at the bottom of the castle mound in early January. They are collecting information from residents to present to Dorset Council in hopes of finding a solution. Additionally, the council is encouraging community members to consider standing for election in May 2024 to have a say in local matters. A footpath near Castle View car park is also scheduled for repair work, resulting in a 6-week closure.

Local News

The National Trust shop is undergoing refurbishment from February 18th until early March. Sandy Hill Arts, a new arts charity, is holding a welcome event on February 24th and is looking for volunteers. The footpath at the bottom of North Castle field near Castle View car park will remain closed from the 22nd January for 6 weeks for repair work.

Upcoming Events

During February half term, visit the Castle for the Teddy Bear Zip Wire and various activities around the castle ruins. The local church, St Edward’s, is organizing a quiz night fundraiser on February 23rd, while the football club is hosting a pig racing event on February 24th to raise funds. Artsreach is bringing a musical show, “Battling Butlers,” to the village hall on February 17th.

Regular Features

The magazine includes updates from local groups such as Aquarius, the Gardening Club, and the Football Club. It also provides listings of local groups, advertisements from businesses, a calendar of upcoming events, and more.

Parish Council Meetings

The Corfe Castle Parish Council is inviting residents to stand for election and is gathering feedback on the January floods. The next council meeting is on February 12th, 2024, at the Corfe Castle Village Hall.

The Church Knowle Parish Council discussed vacancies, the development of the Neighbourhood Plan, local planning, and highway issues. They are supporting the rebuilding of the Orchard Bridge and have set the Parish Precept at £15,500.

For those interested in more detailed information or specific stories, the full issue of the Corfe Valley News is available for download as a PDF from the website.

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