Time Team to excavate Iron Age Complex near Corfe Castle

“Time Team” to Commemorate 30-Year Anniversary with New Excavation of Iron Age Complex near Corfe Castle, Dorset

This weekend, the British archaeology programme Time Team is heading out into the field for a three-day dig. Led by Time Team’s own Dr Derek Pitman and Dr Lawrence Shaw, in collaboration with Harry Manley of Bournemouth University, the site is said to contain over 1,000 years of history spanning the Iron Age to Roman Britain.

The Durotriges tribe called the area home during the Iron Age approximately 2,000 years ago and the excavation is expected to uncover insight into how they lived and died. Early evidence indicates industrial activity, multiple phases of settlement and even burials, which are rare finds for this period in British history.

The site is located close to Green Island on the Isle of Purbeck, an ancient industrial harbour in Poole that was investigated by Time Team almost 20 years ago. The new excavation will explore possible connections between the harbour and the strategic position of the site in the landscape.

Dr Derek Pitman said, “As a Dorset boy, I’m thrilled to welcome Time Team to my turf for what looks to be an incredible weekend. I’ve honestly never seen so much archaeology in a single trench before and we think this is just the tip of something much bigger. We’re in for a treat!”

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