Corfe Castle 1938

Some beautiful black and white photos of Corfe Castle, taken around 1938 by an American family while on vacation in England.

  1. Iconic view of the Castle, showing the Greyhound, Bankes Arms and ivy covered porch of Clealls (now the village stores).
  2. View of the Castle showing the roof of the old bakery at Boar Mill.
  3. Looking down East Street (Bridge Street) from the corner of the Square.
  4. The Square View of the Square and West Street from the Castle.
  5. The Keep from the outer bailey.
  6. The West Gatehouse from the bailey.
  7. Another view of West Gatehouse from the Keep.
  8. View of the Square and Cross built to commemorate Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee of 1897.
  9. View of the Castle from West Street, showing shops and the Fox Inn.
  10. Another view looking down West Street.
  11. Looking up West Street, showing the old village stores and Castle in the background.
  12. View of the Castle, from further up West Street.

American’s vacation in England in the 1930s preserved on 25 rolls of black and white negative 35mm film.

England 1938

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Corfe Castle