Closure of footpath from Castle View Car Park

UPDATE: Work is now due to start the 22nd January.

Please note, the footpath opposite Castle View Visitor Centre Car Park, running along the bottom of North (Castle) Field to the wooden bridge connecting to Ollie Vyes Lane will be closed for 6 weeks for repair work. The work is expected to start 22nd January weather permitting.

Closure of permissive footpath advanced warning – I have instructed and given the contract to ATV Contract Services to commence work on the permissive footpath starting at gate opposite Caslte View through to the bridge and surrounding area near the bottom of West Hill. Work will commence soon after the new year and the permissive path will be fully closed to the public for an estimated 6 weeks. Pre-warning signage will be put in place in December with the path being closed from 22nd January. We will leave a small section of the path open at the exit from the bottom of North Field to ensure the safety of walkers coming over the field. Work on the pathway goes toward better accessibility routes and will widen some sections and resurfacing the whole path.

If you have any questions, please call Ben Cooke, Isle of Purbeck Area Ranger at the National Trust on 07825 203021.

Alternative footpath routes run around the top of North Castle Field and connect to Ollie Vyes Lane. For a more direct route to the village, follow one of the footpaths around the base of the Castle.

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